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Run a stable online yoga business from anywhere in the world

A step-by-step online course for yoga teachers to create

more impact while having location + schedule freedom


Relying on studios
is the *old* way of being a yoga teacher.

You’re destined for more than teaching 16+ classes a week (and constantly verging on burnout) to just get by each month.
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There’s a NEW way 

to build a yoga business that has MORE impact on your clients while giving you…

Location Freedom

Work from anywhere in the world with a laptop and a wifi connection

Schedule Flexibility

Create more space to learn and develop your craft for more impact

More Stability

Have a system in place to continue attracting more dream clients

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More clients for you means more healing in this world.

We care about spreading your message as much as you do.

We’ve supported over 90 Soulpreneurs start and grow their online businesses

Over 10,000 students lives impacted by our yoga teacher clients

More than a million dollars saved on marketing and design

Over 50,000 hours saved each year testing different marketing strategies





11 new clients in her first launch…

Align helped me move from the idea stage to the reality stage in my business. I was uncertain and stuck when I began to work with them. I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to get there and I had invented a few reasons why I could not! Align helped me to hone in on what I was offering and how it was going to benefit my clients. They worked with me on my language around my program, the technical elements of launching, and created a schedule that helped me move towards my goal. I launched my business and am working with 11 women in my membership! I count Align as a trusted advisor to my business!

- Payton, Coach for Recovering Women & Founder of Expand Beyond Recovery
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Create more financial stability and

gain location freedom as a yoga teacher

Start building a yoga business that gives you location and schedule freedom:

Step 01

Book a FREE biz strategy call

Based on your personal and business goals, we’ll decide together if you’re a good fit for the program

Step 02

Enrol in Online Yoga Biz Blueprint

Eliminate the guesswork and start learning all the secrets to build a stable online yoga business at your own pace

Step 03

Start attracting your dream clients

Follow our step-by-step system to attract more aligned clients globally and create more impact


From aimless to crystal clear vision​…

Before I took the course with Lesley & Vitina I didn’t know where to start with my business. It helped me to find clarity in what I have to offer, what I wanted to do, and the confidence to do it.

– Aley, Yoga and Pilates Instructor
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Start reaching more dream clients while working anywhere in the world in Online Yoga Biz Blueprint


Ready to design a life with location and schedule freedom?

Even if you enjoy teaching in-studio classes, having another revenue stream that’s scalable and allows for location and schedule flexibility will give you more financial stability even if you get sick OR want to take a vacation.


Nowadays, with all the changing programs and software, the online world can be hard to navigate especially when you’re building a new business. We eliminate as much *frustration* as possible by walking you step-by-step through all our suggested programs. Hey, you might even call yourself a tech pro by the end of the course.


This A to Z program may be an investment upfront and in the long run Online Yoga Biz Blueprint will save you 2000+ hours and at least 2 years on the trial-and-error of figuring it all out on your own, save you over $15,000 on unnecessary investments, and MAKE YOU MORE MONEY for your business. 


Plus, your success is our success which is why we offer *lifetime* access to all course updates and weekly coaching calls with us to hold you accountable to see your goals through. 


How to attract more dream clients without a big following

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Join our FREE masterclass that will help you go from *just getting by* to running a stable online yoga business that doesn’t burn you out

Uncertainty to taking action

My biggest fear was investing in something that wouldn’t benefit me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to start creating a brand because I was still uncertain about what I wanted to do. Going through this course helped me to get clear and start taking the steps to make it happen. The knowledge I received in return far exceeded any expectations.

– Chelsey, Yoga Teacher