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Create more
stability in YOUR life,

doing what you love

Go deeper with clients while creating

location and schedule flexibility for yourself


Have you secretly questioned
your career as a Yoga Teacher?

From running around the city, being on the verge of burnout teaching 16+ classes a week, the constant churn of unpredictable clients, massive changes in our industry -- and honestly, constantly worrying if you'll be able to bring in enough money to cover your monthly expenses or contribute to your family.


We don't judge, we get it... it's stressful. It's no wonder you're questioning whether you can make a full-time living doing what you love.

What if we told you there was a way...


 to make a profound impact on your clients lives and build meaningful connections all while building more stability, location freedom, and schedule flexibility in YOUR life?

Bet you'd be pretty interested in this, wouldn't you?

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Create an online offer for


Work from any beach or jungle in the world while adding more time back into your calendar for personal practice and self-study.

 Additional Income

Build a revenue stream that gives you more income stability and works for you even if you get sick or take a vacation.

Increased Impact

Create meaningful connections and take your clients on a deeper journey (beyond a drop-in class) using your unique gifts.

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Hey lovely soul!






We know the moment you finish your first YTT your life is changed. And whether you originally planned to teach or not, you knew that you wanted to spread the practices that so deeply impacted your life to others.


Think about it, you're an expert at teaching yoga... the skills you need for that are COMPLETELY different than the skills you need to run a successful Yoga business. It's no wonder why you're struggling and questioning yourself… so stop beating yourself up.

We want to put your mind at ease. With over 10 years of branding and online marketing experience, we’ve taught over 1,800 Soulpreneurs the secrets to create an additional source of revenue online (even with a following under 1,000). And we can teach you, too.

But what happens when no one teaches you how to make a stable living doing what you love full-time? *Cue questioning your career path and worrying how you’ll get by each month*

Here's how we can help you

90-Minute Biz Strategy Session

For the teacher who wants to skip the overwhelm and gain more clarity on the next steps to take to create more impact online.


In our session we can cover anything from helping you align your message, honing your online offer topic, conducting a social or website audit, helping build you a step-by step launch plan or even sharing techniques to help overcome imposter syndrome or mindset blocks.

3 or 6 Month 1:1 Online Biz Strategy & Coaching

For the teacher who
wants custom curated guidance and strategy to launch her online offer without confusion.


Based on where you currently are on your online offer journey, we work with you to create a custom plan to reach your goal. We cover mindset, biz strategy, branding, website, and social media marketing so you can align your energy with your vision.

*Limited number of available spots 


11 new clients in her first launch…

– Payton, Coach for Recovering Women & Founder of Expand Beyond Recovery

Align helped me move from the idea stage to the reality stage in my business. I was uncertain and stuck when I began to work with them. I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to get there and I had invented a few reasons why I could not! Align helped me to hone in on what I was offering and how it was going to benefit my clients. They worked with me on my language around my program, the technical elements of launching, and created a schedule that helped me move towards my goal. I launched my business and am working with 11 women in my membership! I count Align as a trusted advisor to my business!

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Tutorials & Resources

Video trainings to get up online and

free templates to get you started

Learn our proven step-by-step strategy to build an online Yoga program in this FREE 30-minute masterclass (even if you don't have an idea yet)

Start Building Your Online Revenue Stream

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