A 4-week course for soulpreneurs to create more brand awareness, keep existing clients coming back (and attract new ones) — and finally feel confident charging what they’re worth.











       a yoga teacher, healer, coach, or wellness entrepreneur that’s lacking confidence in showing off your biz and sending people to your website? Or even just getting your biz off the ground?



Think there’s too much competition and a lack of opportunity

Believe that you’re not qualified enough - do the words “if I just get one more certification, then I’ll start promoting myself.” sound familiar?

Have a difficult time defining your new offerings in a way that feels "on brand" and in alignment with your higher purpose

Find it intimidating to put yourself *out there*, overthinking every image you share on social media


Struggle to believe in yourself and your capacity to own a business







But chasing more certifications or titles won’t remove your own energetic blocks that are holding you back from creating your dream business, a bigger impact in people’s lives, and putting more money into your bank account ASAP.


waking up and seeing...


Requests from new clients asking for your earliest availability

Emails from corporate companies asking you to lead a workshop for their employees and requesting your rates

Invitations from podcast hosts to interview you

Being asked to collaborate on a partnership with a brand you love

We have no doubt you’ve been doing visualizations and abundance meditations and you’ve probably already put all of the above on your 2020 vision board… 


It’s hard to manifest more abundance when you haven’t established a clear foundation or solid roots in your business.


You’re not alone

on that one.

How do we know?


Well, we’ve spent over $100,000+ on training (4 yoga teacher trainings later, to be honest), design degrees and business courses thinking that it would give us the confidence we needed to put ourselves out there.


While they did add to our knowledge database, there’s ONE thing that truly made us confident enough to show off our biz...



what people are saying


“When I first opened my studio I worked with an award winning designer to create my brand. I quickly realized that they had no understanding of the yoga and wellness industry which was evident in the final design. I was disappointed and never felt as though it represented the unique essence of our studio.

Working with Align on our rebrand was a breath of fresh air. It was an efficient collaboration. Not only did they capture my vision they eat, breathe and sleep yoga… and just “get me”. And to top it off, when we launched the new brand and website we DOUBLED our yoga teacher training attendance.

— Hana Lukac, Director and Yoga teacher, Mula Yoga

So if you asked the universe to point you in the right direction... Take this as your sign.

You're in the right

place if you...


Just finished your yoga teacher training, coaching certification, or any wellness/healing training — and you don’t know how to brand yourself to set yourself apart from the hundreds of other professionals in your field… 

Oh, and you...

Struggle keeping students and building your client base


Currently run a business and never had the resources to create or afford a unique brand when you started out


Know you need to find your authentic voice in a saturated market

Are ready to build your own dream and not someone else's


Want to serve more clients doing what you love

Believe you’re "not good with tech"

Love beautiful design but can’t afford a designer


Want to increase your impact while increasing your income

Are looking to create a structured online brand that will allow you to attract dream clients and grow your business

Know it’s finally time to roll out your brand to the public 

Have been building up the courage to develop a personal brand



Abundant Brand 101 is an interactive 4-week program designed to help you create the fundamental foundation of your authentic brand to magnetize more dream clients, put more dollars in your bank account, and give you more confidence to share your business intentionally and build your presence online.


You might know branding is important...

But like many others, you believe that social media has made it seem difficult to reach the people you want without disappearing into the noise.

well – hold the phone before you go any deeper into that story.

Our step-by-step method has been used in 60+ brand launches.

It’s doubled Yoga Teacher Training student attendance, helped our clients score their biggest client, and even increased profits in businesses that have been around for 15+ years.



So if you’ve been saying “I’m not good with technology” to avoid building a reputable business — you won’t be able to use that as an excuse any longer.

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll share our design secrets and walk you through every single step you need to launch or uplevel your brand.


These basic design principles will empower you with your own marketing materials to save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the future.


We’re not trying to convert you into a designer (you have other gifts we want you to focus on) but to give you the foundational tools so you can feel confident putting yourself out into the world.

And let’s be frank, by remaining off the grid, you are doing a disservice to others who would benefit from receiving your healing gifts.


Go from feeling confused to gaining clarity on what you want to be known for


Gain credibility without having to get another certification


Build a show-stopping brand that makes you stand out from all the *friendly* competition


Position yourself to start charging what you’re worth (even your set-up fees) - yes, you deserve to make money doing what you love

Access expert guidance and support to bring your vision and business to life

Start attracting dream clients into your inbox because they love (and are clear on) what you offer

Avoid spending thousands of dollars on branding and design that you don’t like — saving money and your sanity


Get your questions answered and your designs reviewed before you’re ready to hit the publish button


Receive live feedback and motivation in a private community of soulpreneurs 


You’ll know exactly where to start

Our formula is easier than Sirsasana (headstand) and we promise we won’t leave you hanging upside down along the way.


You won’t be a tech amateur anymore

We’ll show you how to use available (and *free*) design apps without having to open Photoshop. If our moms can do it, you can too.


You won’t have to start from scratch

We’ve created a library of unique customizable templates that use a “paint-by-number” approach.


what people are saying


Before starting Abundant Brand 101 I didn’t know where to start with my business. This course helped me to find clarity in what I have to offer, what I wanted to do and the confidence to do it. With support and guidance, it gave me the proper structure to create a brand book that now acts as my compass for all my design (and even business) decisions. Having a brand that I am proud of and eager to share, made this course well worth the investment!


– Aley Laliberte, yoga and pilates instructor

And in case we

forgot to *formally* introduce ourselves…

And in case we

forgot to *formally* introduce ourselves…

Hey! We’re Lesley Nimmo & Vitina Blumenthal - and our mission is to help soulpreneurs, like yourself, gain the confidence you need to increase your income and continue creating a positive impact on your clients' lives.


We’re two wellness-loving, expansion-focused graphic designers that have spent over 12+ years creating, launching and relaunching brands.


We’ve created over 60+ brands ranging from mainstream to wellness industry - yoga studios, individual teachers, coaches, nutritionists, and healers to branded training programs, retreats and more…

And now...

We’re excited to share our expertise with wellness and spiritual entrepreneurs to help them become a credible source in their industry and help them expand their online presence and audience. Ultimately leading to more healing and transformation in the world.


"Align has to be one of the best kept secrets in marketing. I've been in the digital industry 25 years and I have to tell you it's a very rare treat to find a firm as gifted, skilled and smart as Align Creative Minds. 


I came to them for a website overhaul and in just a few short weeks they helped me completely redesign my company's branding and website. I literally went from cringing every time I had to give out our URL to being proud to show off our new site."


—Brock Poling, VP Marketing



Lifetime access to Abundant Brand 101 online video training to use for future programs, retreats, or businesses (Includes 7 hours of training and a library of customizable templates)


4 x LIVE implementation support calls with Lesley & Vitina to ask us anything and get help ASAP


A logo that can be customized from our library of wellness inspired wordmarks

A complete brand book with guidelines to save you time and money on your future design projects


Access to our private Abundant Brand Facebook group of soulpreneurs who will motivate and support you through your creation process


Downloadable worksheets and templates to support you through each lesson


4 Monthly Payments of



Payments start the day you register. An administration fee has been added to the 4-month payment plan.


One-time Payment of



No administration fees.

Why you'll love it...

How it works

Abundant Brand 101 takes place between Oct 12 - Nov 6. This is the first level of our Abundant Business series of courses. It’s highly recommended to take this course as the foundation for your business (before even thinking about diving into your website and social media) and for our future courses.

Step-By-Step Guidance

We’ll hold your hand, virtually speaking, as you move through the course. You’ll learn all our secrets to build a successful brand!


Group Size

Our aim is to make sure each student gets personalized attention through the duration of the course and on our live Q&A calls.



Get productive feedback on our live group calls directly from us or ask for feedback in our private Facebook group of like-minded soulpreneurs.

Global Participation

As seasoned travellers, we want to make sure that our friends around the world can participate in the course. Each of the LIVE lessons are recorded and available to watch at any time.



Get your final designs reviewed by us so you can feel confident to launch your new brand.

Customizable Templates

This is by far one of the most valuable components of the program. We’ve created a variety of customizable templates - logo, brand book, social media and more - you can use to to match your unique brand!


We'll break it down into two phases

Part 1

"the inner work"

Internal Brand

The soul of your brand starts from within. This is the DNA, the heart and soul of your business. The first part of the course will help you develop the brand spirit. You’ll get clear on the essence, personality, your big WHY and who you’re serving to stand out from competitors in a way that’s authentic to you, to stay in alignment with your values and be a guiding light (your North Star) when things get bumpy or when you need to make important decisions.

The authentic reflection of the inner workings. In the second part of the course, we’ll dive into the visual aesthetic of your brand. You’ll create a word mark logo, develop a colour palette and imagery style, and tone of voice that can be implemented through your marketing material - your website, social media presence, events, and more. When both the internal and external brand is clear and in complete alignment, you’ll make an impactful first and lasting impression, attracting the clients you’re meant to serve.

Part 2

"the outer reflection"

External Brand


Your Money Making Awakening

Learn how to shine and attract paying clients in a saturated industry


Discover why a crystal clear vision of your dream client is more important than your vision board


Get quick financials for Soulpreneurs who don't like to think about money

Explore how crafting your dream client doubles your *ROI*

Learn how to shine in a $828 Billion industry

you will


1:1 Review

Call with Us

Value $150

Receive expert feedback on your brand in a 30-minute one-on-one call, so you’re confident to launch!

*To be scheduled within 30 days from course end date.


Social Media Templates

Value $1750

40 instagram grid & storry templates that can be customized to your unique brand to rock your social media game.


Photography for Social Media Masterclass

Value $1500

From developing your style to DIY photoshoot and editing tools, you’ll learn pro secrets to rock your social media with photographer Alen Palander, even if you’re using your smartphone. 


Here’s everything you get when you sign up for Abundant Brand 101:

4 x LIVE Q&A group calls to get your questions answered ASAP


7 x live interactive video modules that will be recorded and added to the online course platform to be viewed at any time, wherever you are in the world


7 hours of step-by-step brand training that has been used for 60+ brand launches

A logo that can be customized from our library of wellness inspired wordmarks


Access to a private Facebook group to get feedback from like-minded Soulpreneurs

1 x 30-minute one-on-one review call with Lesley and Vitina to launch with confidence

Downloadable worksheets and design templates that can be customized to your unique brand


A complete brand book with guidelines to save you time and money on your future design projects


Lifetime access to all trainings and all future additions in this training free of charge


40 x social media templates customizable to your unique brand


Photography for Social Media 101 Masterclass with brand

photographer Alen Palander to visually communicate and convert your dream clients online

TOTAL VALUE: $13,400



4 Monthly Payments of



Payments start the day you register. An administration fee has been added to the 4-month payment plan.


One-time Payment of



No administration fees.


Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that the Abundant Brand 101 training will help you build a brand successfully IF you do the work and participate fully. Which is why we’re offering a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.


Here’s how it works…    


Sign up today, complete the first module, and if you’re not happy with what you’re learning, you can request a full refund within the first 7 days of the program. All we ask is that you show up for the Live Teaching + Q&A Call and complete the homework assignments. If you do this and find the material doesn’t support you in any way, we’ll gladly refund your investment in the program. 

what people are saying


After two failed attempts with creative agencies that just “didn’t get it” we decided to partner with Align.


Align immediately understood our concerns and embraced our needs with a seamless flowing creative process which was inspiring and fun. They were extremely understanding, very patient and professional. We are thrilled with the end result. Our new website strengthened our already robust position in the market.

—Francine Socket - Francine Socket & Associates, Event Architects

We’re like each other's yin to the yang. The cookie to the cream filling. The Ida to Pingala. Right-brain to left-brain… Although we mostly operate on the right.


Okay - you get it. We make a dynamic duo! We met at OCAD University in 2008 and since graduating we’ve both embarked on unique journeys that brought us back together to help us serve at a new level.




My passion for *inner healing* and brand design are at the forefront of what I do.


Four months post graduation, after hitting burnout from 80+ hour work weeks, I found myself in an Ashram in the South of India doing a month-long Yoga Teacher Training. It was day 28, and my mind finally slowed down. I felt so at ease, and it was at that moment I knew my mission was to help people heal themselves. For years, I thought I had to do it all on my own (that was definitely my ego talkin’). I didn’t want to do it alone anymore. That’s why Lesley and I joined forces to serve Soulpreneurs, like you.


After 12+ years of design experience and running two wellness businesses, I got to experience the impact of branding first hand. I saw my clients score more business and realized that having a defined brand helped our retreat business win $40K+ contracts in a short 6 months of starting. 


In order to stay aligned with our mission, I want to share these tools with you.


Within a few minutes of meeting me, you’d pick up on my obsession with branding and design pretty quickly.


Though I am fortunate enough to do what I love for a living, it did come with its challenges. After graduating, I started a career in advertising – where opportunities to work with talented industry leaders on big brands came with a price – 80+ hour work weeks to be exact.


After a few years operating on an empty tank, working on campaigns and brands that were out of alignment with my values, I had completely lost my drive and will to pursue a career in design. It was after quitting my job that I discovered the importance of The Inner Work and self development. My freelance career skyrocketed. I had a healthy work-life balance, and the quality of my clients and projects increased dramatically. 


It was when Vitina approached me about joining Align that I could finally put all of my experience, consulting and building brands toward a more meaningful practice  – empowering Soulpreneurs to realize their vision, serve a greater audience and make their business real… To me, this is the most rewarding work. 


Now, we want to help YOU create a brand that you're confident to show off, get more abundance doing what you love, and start attracting more clients that will benefit from your healing gifts and that are waiting to discover you...

Here's a preview 

of the Abundant Brand 101 course dashboard

This is where you can access all recorded lessons, course schedule, workbooks, templates and tools.


  Each modules is custom  

  designed to keep you both  

  engaged and entertained. 

Each lesson is followed by a set of downloadable workbooks

These help you apply what you've just learned to your own brand, leading up to your final brand book.

Frequently asked questions

I already have a logo, is this course for me?

Having a logo doesn’t mean you have a brand. Answer these questions: Do you…

  • Know who your ideal client avatar is?
  • Have a clear vision and mission for your business?
  • Know the WHY and values of your business?
  • Use a selected colour palette for all of your marketing materials (website, social media, ads, etc.)?
  • Use a specific font (typeface) for all your marketing materials that reflects your business?
  • Have a photography style that is identifiable throughout all your marketing materials?
If you said no to 3 or more of the above questions, you’re a good fit for the Abundant Brand 101 course.

I’m not good with technology, am I going to be frustrated?

Ha! You’re not the first to ask this question. This course provides a simple step-by-step method and will hold your hand every step of the way. But - learning something new is not always a walk in the park. We can’t guarantee that feelings of frustration won’t show up, but we will be there to support you along the way :)

How do I know when it's the right time to invest in branding or a website?

It’s a good time if you’re ready to create more awareness, credibility, and uplevel your business. If you’re just starting out or didn’t have the budget when you started, they’re both a good reason to invest. Abundant Brand 101 was created to provide maximum value for clients who are not ready to invest in a $5000+ brand package. Branding is the foundation of your business. If you haven’t already gotten clear on your brand personality - both the visual and voice - branding is definitely the place to start. It will make the website process and rolling out social media and other marketing materials much easier.

Does branding really raise my value?

Good question. We have one for you - when you make a purchase at a store, are you more likely to buy something that looks aligned with your values? Maybe you’re into eco-friendly products and buy something that is packaged more sustainably. Or maybe you identify as boho chic and consciously (or subconsciously) are attracted to that chic yet wild-and-free design. Businesses with strong branding outperform companies with weak design by 219%. That’s no small number. AND, when your visual voice really represents YOU, you’ll attract the clients that have similar values. Dream clients... another form of abundance in our books.

I have no sense of design - will I make it past the first module?

We’ve designed this course to be as easy as paint-by-number while still making the design as unique as you. You’ll have an opportunity to get our feedback in the live Q&A sessions, in the private Facebook group of like-minded soulpreneurs, and we won’t let you launch without a thorough review by us first. We know you’ll make it through the first module and all the way to the end.

I don’t think I can complete a brand in 4 weeks…

We get the resistance. We’re not trying to mold you into a designer. Our goal is to help you start creating more awareness ASAP so you can start transforming more lives, while generating more income. If you don’t finish within the 4 weeks, you’ll have lifetime access to this course and the video training. You can take as long as you need to thoughtfully build your brand. Although, we do have a deadline to submit your designs to us for review (your one-on-one BONUS call) 30 days after our final module of the course to motivate you to get it done and not leave the project unfinished.

What exactly will I walk away with?

  • 4x - LIVE Q&A group calls to get your questions answered ASAP
  • 7 live interactive video modules that will be recorded and added to the online course platform to be viewed at any time wherever you are in the world
  • 7 hours of step-by-step brand training that has been used for 60+ brand launches
  • A logo that can be customized from our library of wellness inspired wordmarks
  • Access to a private Facebook group to get feedback from like-minded Soulpreneurs
  • 1x 30-minute one-on-one review call with Lesley and Vitina to launch with confidence
  • Downloadable worksheets and design templates that can be customized to your unique brand
  • A complete brand book with guidelines to save you time and money on your future design projects
  • Lifetime access to all trainings and all future additions in this training free of charge
  • 40x social media templates customizable to your unique brand
  • Photography for Social Media 101 Masterclass with brand photographer Alen Palander to visually communicate and convert your dream clients online

When does Abundant Brand 101 take place?

Abundant Brand 101 takes place October 12 - November 4, 2020. Your one-on-one consultation and review call (your bonus) can be scheduled within 30 days of the course end date.

What is the format and schedule of Abundant Brand 101?

No matter where you are in the world, we want to make this course as accessible and manageable as possible - we get you might have a day job, kids to care for or clients to see. You can either attend our live training calls or watch the recordings at your convenience. You’ll have lifetime access to the course which means you can take as long as you need to complete although it’s encouraged to complete within 30 days to take advantage of your one-on-one consultation bonus to review your brand with us. Each module is a 60-min LIVE group training and our Q&A calls are over Zoom:

  • Oct 14 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 1: Your Money Making Awakening
  • Oct 16 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Oct 19 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 2: The Life Force Energy of Your Biz
  • Oct 21 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 3: Manifest Your Biz Vision & Identity
  • Oct 23 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Oct 26 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 4: The Aura of Your Brand
  • Oct 28 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 5: Conscious Communication
  • Oct 30 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call
  • Nov 2 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 6: Creating an Authentic Connection
  • Nov 4 @ 5pm EST - MODULE 7: Your Guide to Brand Awareness
  • Nov 6 @ 12pm EST - LIVE Q&A Call

Can’t I get a $5 logo on Fiverr?

You sure can, but we want to be clear that a logo is not a brand. A logo is one part of the branding process though. If you haven’t done the internal branding components to inform the external brand design, you’ll be creating a logo design aimlessly that might not resonate with your dream clients.

Why choose Abundant Brand over another branding course?

Ah, we thought you’d never ask… Many branding courses we’ve seen are created by entrepreneurs who might have created a brand for themselves but are not actually designers. In our course, we use the same formula that’s been used in over 60+ brand launches over the last 12 years of our design careers. We’ve used this formula for clients and our personal wellness brands that helped us score $40K contracts. We incorporate the timeless branding principles that we learned at OCAD University along with our personal business experience. We’ve designed the course experience to be as digestible as possible for the *non-designer* by using a paint-by-number approach for maximum learning and an end result you’re confident to show off.



4 Monthly Payments of



Payments start the day you register. An administration fee has been added to the 4-month payment plan.


One-time Payment of



No administration fees.

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