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How to Make Custom Instagram Story GIFs - FAST, FREE, EASY - 2021

Looking how to make stickers for instagram stories without photoshop?

In this video I show you how to make a gif and post on instagram in less than a couple minutes. You’ll learn how to create your own instagram sticker (of yourself!) and an animated gif for instagram stories.

To accompany your custom instagram gif, I created these *5-FREE Engagement-Generating Story Templates* for you to use: DOWNLOAD FREE TEMPLATES >>




Alright, have you ever wanted to create your own customized sticker for Instagram stories? Now, this is what I'm talking about right here and this used to be a super complicated process that required advanced technology and definitely a green screen. But thanks to even more advanced technology, you can now create your own customized GIF for free in literally two minutes and I'm going to show you how to do that in this video. But before we get to that, if you do not want to miss out on cool hacks and ideas to help you grow your business, please be sure to hit the "Subscribe" and "Notify" buttons now. I'm Vitina, co-founder of Brand Therapy Sessions and since Instagram story stickers became a thing, my clients have asked me how they can do this for themselves and their personal brands. Like I said, this used to be a process and a very expensive process at that. It required getting a GIPHY brand account, meaning you had to apply for this brand account that you might not even get accepted for and if you did, you needed at least five GIFs to get started.


That's not even to mention the cost of getting the proper equipment or paying someone to do this for you, using their fancy cameras and their software. But now, all you need is this guy right here, your phone, to get this recorded, edited and up on Instagram stories in less than a few minutes. Pretty awesome, am I right? to accompany your new GIFs, I created five free IG Story templates to increase your views and engagement while creating a connection with your audience. You can customize these templates to your brand in Canva. Go download the templates in the description below. Now, let's dive in and create your first GIF. Step number one is recording your video. My tips here would be to find a solid background with few or nothing on the walls and you want to make sure you are close to a window for good lighting. When you start recording, make sure that you're not too close to the camera, just so that parts of your body or parts of your arms specifically are not getting cut off if you're moving.


After you've done these tips, feel free to try a few things. Feel free to try a few movements that might be fun for you to explore and use for your IG story sticker. The next step, step number two is turning your recording into a GIF for free. The first thing that you're going to want to do is go back to those short clips and you're going to edit the clip to make sure you're only getting the part of the clip that you actually want for the GIF. I'm going to adjust this here. Perfect. Once I have this saved, what I'm going to do next is go into Safari or whatever browser you're using, and you're going to go to This is the software, the free software that we're going to use to turn that video clip into a GIF. First thing you're going to do is upload the clip. I'm going to go to my photo library and I'll go right here. Choose.


While this is rendering, I am curious to know what type of stickers really grab your attention. Take a moment and let me know in the comments below. Great. Now this brings us to step number three, saving the GIF. Once this is all processed, you're going to scroll down, you're going to click on this down arrow and you're going to click on "GIF". Once you get to this screen, you have two options. You can either view or download and in this case, what we're going to do is click on "View". This way you're not required to add in any of your information, so all you need to do here is click on the image and add to photos. That brings us to our last and final step, adding your GIF to stories without a GIPHY account. If you haven't already, go download those templates I created for you. I promise you, they're going to make your posts and your stories look amazing and they'll help increase your engagement.


The second thing I want you to do is head to your Instagram page and you're going to click on the plus sign in the top right-hand corner here, and you're going to click on "Story". From here, I'm going to swipe up and I'm going to find the template I created for this post or for this story. I'm going to click on that right here and the next thing I'm going to do is head over to my photos and I'm going to find the sticker that I had saved that I want to use for this post. I'll click on the bottom left corner here, and I'll scroll down to "Copy photo". I'll go back over to Instagram and right away, it prompts me to add the sticker, which is super convenient. If your phone doesn't do that, another way to do that is go to this "A" in the top left or right corner, and you'll click on "Paste". There's double of me, which we don't need.


Then next, for this particular template, you're going to want to use the question sticker. We'll head over to this little smiley face, go to questions and "Ask me anything". done and I'll drag this right down here. I think one of the downfalls of this is that you can't find your sticker in the GIF section here, but a way around this, because maybe you don't even want random people to use your sticker anyways, is send your stickers or create a shared album with your teammates or anyone else that you think would benefit from using them. Look at that, you are now fully equipped to create your next IG story sticker in just a few minutes. If you haven't already, go download those five free IG story templates I created for you to help increase your views and engagement, and to also build a connection with your audience. You can find the link to download in the description below.


Now, if you liked this video, please be sure to hit the thumbs up button below and hit that "Subscribe" button so you never miss out on cool hacks and ideas to help you grow your business. Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

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