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We're so grateful you're here.

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Hi! We’re
Lesley & Vitina

We know what you want most is to wake up every day, doing what you love, while making a *stable* living doing it. We can totally relate.





With over 700 yoga teacher training hours, 2 decades of combined experience running our own businesses, 40,000+ hours finessing our branding skills, supporting 90+ soulpreneurs with growing their biz, and over 2 million travel rewards points earned…

If you’re struggling to create a yoga business that gives you financial stability, location freedom, and schedule flexibility, we can absolutely help.

What gets us out of bed each morning is knowing that we get to help yoga teachers reach more dream clients. When you reach more aligned clients that means that more people are learning tools to help heal themselves.

We’d be honoured to work with you!

How to attract more dream clients without a big following

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Join our FREE masterclass that will help you go from *just getting by* to running a stable online yoga business that doesn’t burn you out
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They don’t teach you *this* in Yoga Teacher Training…

Most YTT’s don’t teach you that becoming a yoga teacher means you’re really starting your own business. 

You learn the Yamas and Niyamas but not about niching down to stand out in a sea of yoga teachers… about Asana but not about stable income generating strategies… about Pranayama but not about how to attract dream clients authentically and organically to make teaching a sustainable career. A career that doesn’t involve teaching 16+ classes a week running around the city just to get by.

You can be the most passionate teacher, but if you don’t know how to get from living month to month to having a financially and energetically sustainable business, you’ll slowly grow resentful of something you actually enjoy doing because it’s not a balanced exchange of $$$ for your time.

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And hold the phone before you go there. Investing in another yoga training isn’t the answer here.

We created the Online Yoga Biz Blueprint because we’re tired of seeing gifted teachers throw in the towel. The industry needs teachers who are aligned with their purpose, committed to serving others, and willing to continue growing. Students need those teachers, too.

We hope you’ll join us.

Happy Teachers

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My favorite part of being in this program would be having the community aspect and not feeling alone. I don't really have support throughout this process. It's the support for me.

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In my first launch, 11 women signed up and a new 1:1 client. You gave me the confidence and language to speak about what I offer so that it’s crystal clear what I do.

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When I signed up I didn't expect it to be so thorough. There were so many things that I wouldn't have thought about. I feel like I have a whole team behind me with Vitina and Lesley.