We help healers and wellness folks, like yourself, turn your dreams into reality by transforming your vision into a reputable brand.

Time travelling back to 2008…


Like most university students, we were up til 4am cramming in last minute studying or finishing up design projects that were due at 8am. The late hours of the night, accompanied by a box of Oreo’s, was our prime time to get lost in innovative and creative ideas on how we can make the world a better place.


Yes, we graduated with a Bachelor of Design and unofficial Minor in Procrastination.


We were two gals with laptops, ridiculously expensive design software, and thousands of dollars in student debt. We had big dreams but had no idea or map on how to bring them to life.


We’ve spent over a decade honing our individual skills as designers and entrepreneurs. Landing dream jobs (or so we thought), a few successful and unsuccessful business launches, 10’s of thousands spent on continually uplevelling our education, and lots of overwhelm with new technology… Now finding ourselves back together and re-inspired to bring our vision to life.


Our 4am procrastination sessions transformed into enlightened afternoon meetings. 


Oreo’s swapped for Dark Chocolate Banana-Nut Muffins (send us an email and we’ll send you the recipe).


And realizing our naivety that we thought we could make the world a better place all by ourselves.

So, how do we go about making the world a better place? We know, it's a big mission.

It starts by helping people heal from the inside out. That's why we intentionally align our branding expertise with wellness and spirituality clients like yourself.

By aligning our skills with our soul mission, we're able to serve at a larger scale. That's what lights us up and motivates us to show up every day for our clients.


We've helped our clients overcome imposter syndrome and build more confidence in their business, increase their income, get more dream clients and, most importantly, create a positive impact in their clients lives.




Bachelor of Design, Major Advertising

OCAD University (Class of 2012)


200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Sivasoorya Yoga School (2012)


Co-Founder, Align Creative Minds



Founder, WanderfulSoul



200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

Mula Yoga (2016)

Women’s Brain Health Initiative, Young Person’s Cabinet

(2016 - Present)


Co-Founder, Wanderwell



Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation

University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies

(Class of 2019)


300-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Semperviva (Currently completing)



Brand Expert. Yogi. Podcaster. Educator. Muffin Maker. And loves to dance, whether anyone is watching or not.


I’m the true definition of a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I’ve never neatly fit into a box.


After 80+ hour weeks working full-time in the music industry, finishing my thesis at OCAD University, and doing freelance graphic design work to pay off my debt, as I’m sure you could imagine, I was completely burnt out. 


This was the catalyst for my self-discovery journey. It all began in an Ashram in India where I did my first Yoga Teacher Training.


Upon my return to Toronto in 2013, I was re-energized and ALIGN Creative Minds was born. We began winning business from scores of wellness clients who wanted to take their brand to the next level.


During this time, I paved my way as a yoga teacher and retreat facilitator through my former business, WanderfulSoul and I’ve consulted and curated robust wellness programs for luxury hotels as a co-founder of Wanderwell. 


Oh, and I still produce a bi-weekly podcast for Soulpreneurs called Soul Compass.

There was always one consistent during my 8+ years of entrepreneurship...


No matter where I was in the world (even in the middle of leading a retreat), you’d find me on my laptop during free time sending off designs to clients.

After bringing many business ideas to life, I will say, I’ve learned lots from my wins and even more so from my failures, my biggest moments of personal and professional discovery.

I’ve reached the max on creating my own personal brands and want to share what I've learned with you instead.

I want to help YOU create a brand that you're confident to show off, get more abundance doing what you love, and start attracting more clients that will benefit from your healing gifts.



Bachelor of Design, Major Graphic Design

OCAD University (Class of 2012)


Graphic Designer

Publicis Canada (2012 - 2014)


Art Director

McCann (2014 - 2015)

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Creative Competition

Winner (2015)

Co-Founder, Align Creative Minds

(2017 - Present)



Branding-obsessed graphic designer. Experiential marketing connoisseur. Constant learner. Lover of exercise. With an affinity for astrology and all things self-discovery.


I believe I was born for this.


Since I was young, I’ve always been in design courses and connected with mentors who groomed me (and my portfolio) for a career in design. This eventually led up to my 4-year Graphic Design major and thesis at OCAD University.  


Upon graduation, I was called to book a trip through Southeast Asia. Though I had travelled many times before, this experience really opened my eyes and expanded my horizons. It taught me things that typical education never did. I was keen to bring home alternate approaches to my everyday life.


Shortly after, I returned to a career in the advertising industry, working for multiple big-box, international agencies for a number of years. 


While I was very fortunate to be working with extremely talented industry leaders in, what I refer to as, “designer bootcamp”. The 80+ hour work weeks were not sustainable and creatively, I was drained. Realizing I had a lack of authority over my ideas, opportunities and schedule, my world felt very confined.


I started to explore other creative outlets and revenue options. In the evenings and weekends, I started building a freelance business that helped bridge my departure from agency employee to full-time entrepreneur.


With that came an entirely different lifestyle and new-found version of myself. I was energized, both creatively and physically. I regained control and was able to establish a healthy work-life balance, cultivate opportunities that fit my career goals, had time for personal relationships, and finally had space to prioritize my mental and physical health. My stress and lifestyle-induced hypothyroidism was finally becoming manageable, I had the time to clean up my system and swap medication for exercise and meditation, and lose 40lbs.


All of this and I was finally able to work from wherever I wanted! For many years now, I’ve been spending (and avoiding) Canadian winters in beautiful pockets of the world, like Costa-Rica or LA.


Having set up a business with the freedom to work remotely, I have not only done more, but also saved myself the expenses of a second wardrobe (yoga pants & comfy sweaters all the way), commuting, work-related event obligations, and a ton of time (the most valuable asset).


I’ve worn many design hats, but over the past few years I’ve really honed in on branding and helping entrepreneurs make their business real. When we can create and realize a vision together... to me, this is the most rewarding work.


I look forward to doing the same with you!

  • Struggling with imposter syndrome

  • Confused where to begin in your business

  • Ready to increase your income doing what you love

The Wellness Entrepreneur's guide to creating a business you’re completely confident to show off and generates more income.